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Released 2nd July 2013 in US & Canada and 20th May 2013 in the UK and other territories

 Ted Sheldrake compiled by Roger Eno 

- A concept album that you weren't expecting

Released January 7th 2013

Ted Sheldrake

ʻ...shades of The Lady in the Van, Roger Eno explores the universal themes of love and loss through his neighbour Tedʼs vision of ʻthis rum old lifeʼ and Tedʼs conclusion that we are all equal sufferers of the human condition...ʼ

ʻTed Sheldrake (1921-2012) was proud to say that heʼd never, in all of his 91 years, set foot outside of East Anglia.ʼ

A side-step away from the work we have heard him produce previously, Roger Eno explores the ʻeverymanʼ who lived simply and quietly next door to him for 12 years. Thirteen haunting tracks, each uniquely affecting, sometimes amusing and without any hint of affectation. Sweet yet dark, Roger captures a man scratching out chinks of light in an otherwise overcast land.

ʻTed didnʼt do so much as nod in way of communication for the first 4 years, his beloved wife had passed away sometime before. Though a constant anguish followed him for the rest of his life, Ted was a peculiarly generous, sensitive yet irascible man.ʼ

It was another few years before it also became apparent that Ted had been quite the musician in his youth and that he also liked to write. Be sure of one thing though, Ted was a farmhand, he certainly wasnʼt a poet and though he enjoyed ʻfiddling about with the melodeon now and thenʼ, that, in his eyes, ʻdonʼt make a musicianʼ. 


'Marrers' was noted by Stuart Maconie for play on Freak Zone - Radio 6 along with Peter Culshaw for his brilliant and eclectic Arts Desk Radio Show on NTS. 'Marrers' was also felt to be the most beautiful track on the album by independent reviewer Wajobu in his early review and retrospective. 

Sweet reviews by Andrew Male for Mojo and Rob Young for Uncut were followed by a 10/10 by independent reviewer Jamie Downes for 'A Lonely Ghost Burning'. 



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