Roger Eno


Sound Art Installations  

Looking for something new, playful and inspiring, Roger continually develops new processes for sound art installations, looking at textures, relationships to buildings and landscapes and the translation of image into sound.

His installations have featured at Tate Britain, Salthouse Arts Festival and at Ipswich Museum, on his own doorstep in Aldeburgh, in Norwich, and also at Ambicon and for The Marin Project in San Franscisco. 

The audio-scape engages visitors, refreshing interest in a place and bringing them back to their surroundings with a fresh perspective.

Playfully experimenting with random cycles of sound and retaining the beauty and balance present in a melody, these projects create a unique listening experience for each audience passing by and for Roger, a unique challenge to create something tied to its venue, landscape or theme.

Snap Aldeburgh Festival
Roger Eno Tate Britain


For Rogerʼs 'aleatoric' sound art projects, he creates a multitude of tiny musical elements, sounds and periods of silence over many tracks. Simultaneously, the album of tracks is played on a shuffle setting from four separate audio players in four areas around a space. The tracks play, overlapping and creating a gyroscopic, endless piece; unique, enchanting and each to be enjoyed in that moment only.

 ʻFloodʼ for Salthouse Arts Festival and the installation for John Rixonʼs ʻQuiet Voicesʼ at The Tate Britain were produced around visual materials by artists John Rixon and Dom Theobald. Many pieces are produced for the spaces themselves, evoking themes, periods of history and complimenting the buildings in which the collections are held.




Installation at Snap, Aldeburgh Festival June 8th-30th 2013
(From Art Review) 

Artists participating in this year's SNAP, the contemporary art programme set up in 2011 by Abigail Lane and Sarah Lucas to accompany the Aldeburgh Festival, are all making work in response to Benjamin Britten (who co-founded the festival), in celebration of the the centenary of the composer's birth. Artworks, which will be installed in both indoor and outdoor spaces in Snape Maltings on the Suffolk coast, where the festival takes place, will include a Britten portrait pallet by Ryan Gander, a sound installation inside a telephone box by Roger Eno and a new 9ft sculpture by Sarah Lucas. Others involved include Darren Almond, Juergen Teller, Maggi Hambling and Bendict Drew.

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